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We are green thinking Company that helps the World be better. We apply a modern environmental system into a practice in technological production, after sales services, in multiple use solutions, electronics manufacturing, recycled packaging systems. CUBEPACK is one of first developers on NONPLASTIC packaging solutions.


We produce cardboard packaging from recycled paper, replacing recycled plastic packaging, supply biodegradable technology into the cycle of our consumer society and many more… All productions is on standard ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


We import exclusive agricultural and electronic products from the east and distribute it across the European market. Our after-sales customers have custom services in supply solutions for electronic.


Our company has a sophisticated logistics system which enables flexible logistics solutions across Europe. We deliver your shipments according to your wishes.


In reaction on Covid-19 epidemic, we started to focus on development on our own protective equipment which should help to minimize spread of the corona virus and others.

Our strategy was to provide the best of class products with no compromise in used materials and ability to be reused to stay in line with our company mantra - RRR concept.

We provide two main products - CUBEprotect Scarf P3 with unique p3 filter and CUBEprotect Gloves. These products are characterized by special composite technology which ensures to kill more than 99% of bacteries and viruses  after contact with the Scarf ann Gloves. They are certified according to standards EN ISO 20743, AATCC 100, ČSN EN ISO149 and also ISO18184.

CUBEprotect does NOT use any nanotechnology systems. All production, technology and materials is only CZECH/SLOVAK made. CUBEprotect like CUBEPACK brand have certification ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Our mission is to save the lives and make our world safer place to live.



Cardboard solutions

We produce many kinds od carboard products. We take care of application with recycled materials and eco-friendly processes. We make a special cardboard for electro industry, automotive and of course also for food industry. We do flexo and offset printing technology. Cardboard type A, B, C, E and their combination. We also work with triple wall corrugated.


Plastic solution

CBK do special solutions for electronic manufacturing. Higly specialized EDS foams, antistatic foils and plastic boxes with added value. Anti-corrosion protective films and their products . LLDPE from recycled sources in qualities from 5my to 23my in various versions and colors. We are spreading the Biodegradable technology into mass industrial production.



One of our most important goals is to use Eco Friendly philosophy in practice. We provide our customers with complete service in the field of cosmetics Electronic-Refurbishment.

Our specialty is providing comprehensive services for companies with after sales service. Especially in the complete repair  plastic and metal parts of electrical equipment. We provide highly specialized professionals. They work on each site and ensure the highest quality of our products in practice and directly in customer service.

Our factory provide the highest quality products, constant surveillance with production specialists. Our development department including permanent works with the latest knowledge and technologies for maximum process efficiency.

We have extensive experience with the repair of plastic and metal covers IT equipment, phones, set top boxes, servers, and so on.

“We are helping to give the device a second life. Eco friendly life …"

With each of us repaired cover we give a chance for less destroyed trees and more fresh air for our children. 


RRR system in our concept


Our green solutions significantly reduced production of new covers with refurbishment. Our high-quality solutions return old covers many times back to look like new.


The return of the old  repaired parts in market significantly reduces the time and financial costs of production in after sales service. Our manufacture technologies repairing parts several times to the limit of their mechanical life.


Mechanical broken parts which we can not repair we carefully sorted and never thrown away in the trash. All these parts will be certified recycled.


About system RRR


The principle of reduce-reuse-recycle form the hierarchy in organic waste management. The first step is to reduce, or minimize, reduce the quantity of waste generated. Not manufactured goods (hence waste) saves the most energy and materials - both in production and in disposal, transport etc.


The second stage - reuse - means re-use of manufactured goods. They can serve as the initial purpose for which they were made, as things ornamental or otherwise commercial.


The last step is to recycle - recycling material reuse things. Of these options is the last or least desirable. It is necessary materials for recycling separated, usually melt or crush and only then are ready for use as a raw material. In many cases, the so-called. Downcycling, its decreases product quality.




Domestic shipping:

We operated from England to Greece, every corner in EU.

International shipping :

We deliver to Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazachstan.

About our logistic:

We cooperate only with profesional international freight forwarding. All our vehicle are new and ready for all your requirements. We can carry special bulky items.

As an ecofriendly company we prefer partners who use cars with CNG power.

We have the knowledge, expertise, equipment and people to ship unshipable.

Whatever needs to get from point A to point B can be transported by us safely and quickly.


If you have a challenge, we would love to hear it...




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